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Product Name Catalog No. Specimen Used Kit Size
Alcohol ALC-S11 Saliva/ 0.02% 50 pcs/box
ALC-U11 Urine/0.02%-0.05% 50 pcs/box
Microalbumin/Creatinine ALB/CRE-U11 Urine 50 pcs/canister
Urine Adulteration(URL-U12) pH 25 pcs/canister
Creatinine 25 pcs/canister
Specific Gravity 25 pcs/canister
Glutaraldehyde 25 pcs/canister
Nitrite 25 pcs/canister
Oxidants / pyridinium chlorochromate 25 pcs/canister
Urinalysis strip 10 parameters (Leucocyte, Nitrite, Urobilinogen, Protein, PH, Blood, Specific Gravity, Ketone, Bilirubin, Glucose) URS-10T 100 pcs/canister
Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid 10μg/ml GHB-U11 50 pcs/box
GHB-U23 40 pcs/box
Vaginal pH Test PH-S11 Vaginal Secretion
(pH 4.0-7.0)
50 pcs/box
PH-S23 40 pcs/box


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