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Allergy Tests

The Allergen rapid test is used for the qualitative determination of allergen in human serum, plasma, and whole blood.

Food panel
Product Name Catalog No. Specimen Used Kit Size
Egg white Allergy Test F1-W23 Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma 40 pcs/box
Milk Allergy Test F2-W23 40 pcs/box
Peanut Allergy Test F13-W23 40 pcs/box
Shrimp Allergy Test F24-W23 40 pcs/box
Mite dust (D.Pteronyssinus) Allergy Test D1-W23 40 pcs/box
Mite dust (D.farinae) Allergy Test D2-W23 40 pcs/box
Cat dander Allergy Test E1-W23 40 pcs/box
Dog dander Allergy Test E5-W23 40 pcs/box
Timothy Allergy Test G6-W23 40 pcs/box
Cockroach Allergy Test I6-W23 40 pcs/box
Aspergillus fumigatus Allergy Test M3-W23 40 pcs/box
Alternaria alternate Allergy Test M6-W23 40 pcs/box
Oak white Allergy Test T7-W23 40 pcs/box
Ragweed Allergy Test W1-W23 40 pcs/box
Mugwort  Allergy Test W6 -W23 40 pcs/box
Total IgE IGE-W23 40 pcs/box


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