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Fertility Tests

Fertility tests employ selected anti-hCG antibodies to deliver superior results.

Product Name Catalog No. Specimen Used Kit Size
HCG Pregnancy Test HCG-U11 Urine 50 pcs/box
HCG-U11H 1/2 pcs/box
HCG-U23 40 pcs/box
HCG-U23H 1/2 pcs/box
HCG-U35 1 pcs/box
HCG-U35H 1/2 pcs/box
HCG-U35H1-25 1/2 pcs/box
HCG-U55 25 pcs/box
HCG-U65 25 pcs/box
HCG-C11 Urine/Serum 50 pcs/box
HCG-C23 40 pcs/box
HCG Digital Pregnancy Test HCG-U35Da Urine 1/2 pcs/box
HCG Weekly Pregnancy Test HCG-U23M Urine 40 pcs/box
Digital Pregnancy Ovulation test HLM-101 Urine 160 pcs/box
HCG HCG-U35Dc Urine 160 pcs/box
Digital ovulation test stick LH-U35Dc Urine 160 pcs/box
LH Ovulation Test LH-U11 Urine 50 pcs/box
LH-U11H 5/7 pcs/box
LH-U23 40 pcs/box
LH-U23H 5/7 pcs/box
LH-U35 1 pcs/box
LH-U35H 5/7 pcs/box
FSH Menopause Test FSH-U11 Urine 50 pcs/box
FSH-U11H 1/2 pcs/box
FSH-U23 40 pcs/box
FSH-U23H 1/2 pcs/box
FSH-U35 1 pcs/box
FSH-U35H 1/2 pcs/box
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test TSH-W23 Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma 40 pcs/box
Fetal Fibronectin (fFN)  Test FFN-S23 Secretion 20 pcs/box
Human insulin-like growth factors binding protein 1 (IGFBP-1)
IGF-S23 Secretion 20 pcs/box
IGFBP-1&AFP test PROM-S23M Secretion 20 pcs/box


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