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Good news: Assure Tech monkeypox virus detection series products have obtained the European CE certification


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On June 5, the World Health Organization reported that cases of monkeypox have been reported in 27 "non-endemic countries," with 780 confirmed cases over the past three weeks, about triple the 257 cases recorded a week earlier.

In order to cope with the sudden outbreak of monkeypox virus, the research and development team of Assure Tech has developed monkeypox virus detection products. The series of products have obtained the European Union CE registration certificate, and can be sold in the European Union countries and countries that recognize the European CE certification, which help the rapid detection of monkeypox virus and timely detection of monkeypox infection cases.

The approval of the above products further enriches the product category of the company, broadens the application field of the products, meets the demand of the overseas market, plays a positive role in the company's sales and international business development, and helps to improve the company's internationalization ability and strengthen the company's strength.

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