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Industry dynamics

AACC 2017 American Clinical Equipment Exhibition


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The International Federation of international clinical chemistry, the International Federation of clinical chemistry, is an international organization of science and medicine. The members of the International Federation of clinical chemistry include: clinical laboratory experts, physicians, medical researchers, and staff engaged in clinical chemistry and clinical laboratory science. The international clinical laboratory equipment exhibition, organized by the International Federation of clinical chemistry, is an important international academic conference and equipment exhibition in the world clinical laboratory area. AACC is recognized as a large-scale exhibition of clinical trials in the world. Over the past year, nearly more than 700 AACC exhibitors and more than 2000 exhibitors have been held. The participants are from more than 100 different countries outside the US, including laboratory directors, managers, management, researchers and experts in related fields. This proves the great attraction and influence of the AACC annual meeting. AACC exhibition is currently an important equipment exhibition in the field of clinical laboratory in the world. It has become one of the main places for new products to be released and sought for cooperation in the field of clinical laboratory.

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