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Assure Tech take advantage of CIFITIS will speed up the sea,four major product lines were showcased


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On September 1, 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFITIS) was officially launched in Beijing. More than 400 Fortune 500 companies and international leading enterprises participated in the fair. As a leading enterprise in the in vitro diagnostics industry of Zhejiang Province, Assure Tech was invited to participate in the fair, representing Zhejiang province to show its achievements in service trade.

As a national, international and comprehensive service trade fair, CIFTIS is playing an increasingly prominent role in promoting the connection of high-quality services at home and abroad, deepening international exchanges and cooperation, and stimulating the growth drivers of trade. For Assure Tech, which is deeply committed to the international market, the fair has effectively built a high-quality platform for us and provided us with opportunities to show ourselves and understand the overseas market. With the help of the fair platform, Assure Tech has further expanded the overseas market and enhanced the brand influence.

In this exhibition, Assure Tech with immune chromatography series, PCR series, chemiluminescence series, POCT series and other products appeared in the trade fair.

With the global spread of COVID-19, attention to public health has become a major issue for all countries to jointly face and coordinate. For testing for COVID-19,Assure Tech offers a complete set of solutions: antigen testing (rapid screening of high-risk individuals), antibody testing (monitoring for infection or vaccination), and nucleic acid testing (to confirm the diagnosis and serve as the basis for initiating public health measures). According to different application scenarios, two types of products are developed: self-test use and professional use. Assure Tech's bio-rich and diverse COVID-19 testing products have contributed China's strength to the global epidemic prevention and control.

In this exhibition, the nasal test kit for COVID-19 antigen (self-test) attracted wide attention as soon as it was exhibited. The product integrates the sampling, sample processing and sample adding operations into one pen, and the test can be completed in one step, reducing the risk of cross infection during operation. Rapid detection, high accuracy, convenient for individuals and families to apply novel coronavirus fast detection.

A single copy chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer is a new product of Assure Tech. The product adopts five core technologies to fully support inflammation series, myocardial markers, reproductive hormones and other detection indicators. Three steps of operation can obtain accurate detection results in 15 minutes. At the fair site, the staff of Assure Tech demonstrated the operation process of the system, which attracted the participants to stop and watch. The convenient operation won the appreciation and high recognition of the site visitors.

In addition to COVID-19 testing products and individual chemiluminescence immunoanalyzer, there are also new pregnancy series - electronic pregnancy test pen and drug testing products with high global market share and good feedback (a variety of product forms) that have attracted the attention of exhibitors.

In this exhibition, Assure Tech showed its innovation level and new achievements to the world in an all-round and multi-angle way, so that the majority of exhibitors can feel the influence of Chinese brand and the leading role of the industry, promote the construction of healthy China with practical actions and results, and make contributions to the protection of human health.

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