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Industry dynamics

The 23rd Brazilian Sao Paulo International Medical Exhibition HOSPAITALAR 2016


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Brazil International Hospital, clinic, laboratory equipment and technology exhibition HOSPITALAR 2015 is the world's second prestigious medical exhibition. It is the authoritative exhibition of medical devices in Brazil and Latin America. The sponsor of the exhibition was held jointly with the famous Medica organizers in Germany. The exhibition is held at the North International Exhibition Center in St Paul. St Paul, as the economic and trade center of Latin America, plays an important role in the medical market in Brazil and South America. In 2014, the exhibition area of 82000 square meters, has attracted from 37 countries and regions exhibitors, exhibitors total number reached 1250, of which more than 170 China exhibitors, China exhibition about 134. Attracting professional audiences from 66 countries: doctors, nurses, clinics and laboratories, hospital product manufacturers, distributors and distributors and representatives, health institutions and health care managers. Come to the show, the concept of the merchant number up to 92000 people, than last year increase of 7000.

St Paul has a medical center in the area, occupying 65% of the total medical market in Brazil. Medical devices and health care products are mostly dependent on imports. It is an ideal city for international medical enterprises to enter the Latin American market. It is affiliated with the international hospital alliance (IHF). The exhibition was awarded the "trusted business exhibition" title by the US Department of Commerce in 2004. It is a direct access for medical products to enter Latin America, and provides great opportunities for many enterprises from all over the world. This will let you know in the wider industry show technology, medical equipment, products and services, to explore new business opportunities, seek international partners. The ideal place for the medical market in Latin America.

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