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Industry dynamics

Mexico EXPO MED 2017


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Mexico international medical exhibition in 2017, June 2017 7-9, held in Mexico City, is a Latin American professional, comprehensive and strong in the most powerful Mexico medical exhibition, at the same time, Mexico is also the only professional medical personnel business forum, the annual session of the exhibition, the exhibition area of over more than 4000 square meters, more than 120 exhibitors. Professional audience of nearly more than 7000 people, from Germany, Taiwan, Chinese, the United States and other more than 10 countries and regions participating enterprises. The meeting will bring together the world from the medical community all businesses, including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other audiences, provide professional sales platform for exhibitors, there will be more professional medical team in the International Business Forum on medical technology, disease prevention and health protection, rehabilitation and other hot topics for discussion. It is understood that purchasing managers, public health institutions and private medical professionals, entrepreneurs and owners of chain drugstores, and educational institutions, associations and medical associations will come to this international exhibition. The exhibition provides a professional business platform for exhibitors. It is one of the wonderful exhibitions that the exhibitors can't miss in the new year.

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