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Industry dynamics

Algeria SIMEM 2017


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Algeria international medical and pharmaceutical exhibition is a local medical device, medicine and dental professional exhibition. Since 2012, it has been transferred to Algeria's second largest city, Oran. Oran is the provincial capital of orchid, Mediterranean orchid Bay, southwest of Algiers, 43 kilometers west of Algeria, is the largest city and commercial center. The exhibition has been strongly supported by the Algeria Ministry of health, the Algeria medical development and Reform Commission, the Algeria trade exhibition and the export association. Algeria medical authorities held the exhibition aims to promote the integration of local medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, manufacturers, traders and the better, to learn foreign advanced experience and technology, the introduction of technology and equipment of a better world, their medical active pharmaceutical market.

The last show, there are a number of companies from France, Germany, Italy, the United States and other western countries participating, and from South America, China, Japan, Pakistan and South Korea pavilion. In Adam, Embassy in Afghanistan consulate to medical colleagues in their own countries strongly recommend this exhibition, the exhibition held a grand occasion, and we received praise. The participants were very satisfied with the organization of the exhibition, the arrangement of the Symposium and the invitation of the guests of the guests.

Algeria is located in the north of The Belt and Road ", maintaining the traditional long-term friendly relations with China. In recent years, under the leadership of the president in Beit vrica, various undertakings in Algeria have achieved good development. The population of the country is about 30000000, and the per capita GDP is about $3000. According to relevant data, in terms of medical and pharmaceutical industry, the number of employees in Algeria healthcare industry is 1062: community and traditional medical workers, 69749 professional nurses, 35368 doctors, 6333 health care workers, 6716 health care providers. In previous government spending, 9.5% of the health care industry was in the health care industry. The potential of Algeria's market is huge, and it is one of the best ways to enter the market of a famous medical and medical exhibition.

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