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Industry dynamics

Industry dynamics

Dubai Medlab 2017


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Arabia International Medical Equipment Exhibition "is an exhibition of international professional medical equipment exhibiting in the Middle East area with large scale, complete exhibits and good exhibition effect. Since its first launch in 1975, the scale of exhibition, exhibitors and spectators has been expanding year by year. It has enjoyed a high reputation in hospitals and medical device agents in the Middle East Arabia countries. As a medical device in the Middle East with large scale, good show, Arab Health is highly concerned by the government of the United Arab Emirates, forget the country and foreign minister Mohamed and Deputy Prime Minister cooperative UAE Ministry of health, the Ministry of health of Dubai and Abu Dhabi Health Bureau officials several times to visit the exhibition. The Dubai medical show in 2010 attracted nearly 2700 exhibitors around the world, with an audience of more than 55000 people. China, the United States and Germany were the countries with many exhibitors.

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