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Industry dynamics

Industry dynamics

2016 Moscow Medical Show


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The twenty-sixth Russian Moscow International Medical exhibition Zdravookhraneniye 2016 was co sponsored by Dusseldorf exhibition company of Germany and ZAO, a famous Russian Exhibition Company. Since its establishment in 1974, ZAO has successfully held several exhibitions. Exhibition attracted a total of 30 years, to participate in the exhibitions from more than 40 countries, more than 3000 companies also received a total of 1300000 exhibitors. At the same time, ZAO is also a member of the UFI exhibition company. This medical exhibition is one of the key exhibitions of ZAO company and has been successfully held for 25 sessions. In order to increase competitiveness and to introduce new products. Since 2003, the exhibition has opened up an international area, especially in medical equipment, diagnostics and disease treatment, attracting exhibitors from all over the world. At the 2015 exhibition, there were 1700 more exhibitors, of which more than 100 were exhibitors in China. The visitors also reached 80000. Whether you are making medical devices or making drugs in the medical industry, the Moscow International Medical exhibition in Russia is a rare and well worth exhibition.

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