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Industry dynamics

Industry dynamics

German MEDICA 2016 exhibition


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The German medical equipment exhibition in Dusseldorf "international hospital and medical equipment and supplies exhibition" is the world's leading comprehensive medical and medical equipment exhibition, is recognized as the world's largest hospital and medical equipment exhibition, with its irreplaceable scale and influence in the world of medical and medical equipment exhibition trade fair the first. Each year, there are more than 3600 companies from more than 130 countries and regions, of which 51% are from other countries outside Germany, with a total area of 108000 square meters. 4200 medical companies from 76 countries in the world are expected to display their latest medical products and related technologies in 4 days. There are 630 enterprises from 10 countries and regions in Asia, including 329 in China, 41 in Japan, 70 in India and 110 in South Korea. The world famous companies and production of conventional hospital equipment, medical products manufacturers have introduced new products in the exhibition, promotion of new technology; medical equipment, all over the world drug wholesalers, buyers, health departments, medical professional and other top professionals gathered in the exhibition, to discuss trade, each show the audience more than one hundred thousand people, is large international gathering of science and technology, business and information in one.

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