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Industry dynamics

Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) 16th International Medical and Medical Equipment Exhibition


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The Vietnam medical exhibition is a professional international Vietnam medical and medical exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of health and Commerce of Vietnam, one year. From 2001 to 2016 is sixteenth, due to the strong support from the Vietnamese Ministry of health and the Ministry of Commerce, this exhibition has gradually become Vietnam's pharmaceutical, medical field professional and strong international Vietnamese medical exhibition, with its professional and high quality professional audience, attracting more and more foreign enterprises, including China to enter the Vietnamese market, through such a professional platform, and achieve substantial results! In the same period, we will focus on Vietnam medical exhibition, Vietnam International Medical and laboratory equipment exhibition, Vietnam International Medicine and packaging exhibition, Vietnam International Hospital Equipment Exhibition, Vietnam international ophthalmology exhibition, Vietnam International Dental Exhibition.

In 2015, the Vietnam medical exhibition occupied 9100 square meters, of which 5650 square meters of venues were owned by overseas exhibitors. The Vietnam medical exhibition has a total of 425 exhibitors, attracting 356 exhibitors from 24 countries or regions, such as the United States, Germany, Russia, Japan, China and other regions. The last Vietnam medical exhibition received nearly 15000 people, of whom more than 11800 were professional spectators, and the total sales volume was over 600000 dollars, attracting more than 65% buyers and 18% wholesalers, 16% wholesalers.

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