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Industry dynamics

Industry dynamics

The 6th South African International Medical Device Exhibition


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Africa Health is the first international medical device exhibition in Africa. It is honored as exhibitors, professional spectators and delegates. It is a catalyst to accelerate the improvement of health care in this area. In 2013, the South African medical show showed an area of 11000 square meters, and 400 enterprises from 53 countries participated in the exhibition, with more than 5000 participants. From the audience's satisfaction with the exhibition, the South - South African medical market in the Sahara is surging! 84% of the exhibitors indicated that they had found the desired product suppliers at the exhibition site and signed trade orders. A renewal of the 2015 South African medical exhibition will be renewed. 2015 South African medical exhibition will launch a new special activities, to provide specialized training for surgeons and specialists, and have the opportunity to try the new equipment; during the 2015 South African medical exhibition will continue in 2014 the exhibition plan, ensure that during the 2014 South African Medical Fair held more on-site activities, strengthen the interaction between buyers and exhibitors. The South African medical exhibition platform will, as always, introduce products and innovations to the growing African medical market.

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