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Industry dynamics

Industry dynamics

The 75th China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Expo


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China International Medical Device Fair (CMEF), founded in 1979, has two sessions every spring and autumn. After 30 years of continuous innovation and self-improvement, China International Medical Devices Exhibition has become the largest medical device and related products and services exhibition in the Asia Pacific region. The exhibition covers a wide range of products including medical imaging, in vitro diagnostics, electronics, optics, first aid, rehabilitation nursing, medical information technology, outsourcing services and other tens of thousands of products. It directly and comprehensively serves the entire medical industry chain from the source to the terminal. Each session from more than 20 countries, more than 2000 medical equipment manufacturing enterprises and more than more than 100 countries and regions of the 120000 people in the government procurement agencies, hospital buyers and distributors convergence CMEF transactions, exchange; with more professional exhibition depth development, has set up the meeting, CMEF Imaging, CMEF IVD forum, CMEF IT ICMD and a series of medical field sub brands, CMEF has become the largest professional medical purchase trade platform, the best corporate image within the medical industry issued and professional information center and academic and technical exchange platform.

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